WhatsApp has come up with two new privacy features and they are cool to say in the least

Whatsapp is one of the most used chatting apps in the world with more than 2 billion daily active users. The app provides users a platform to stay connected with their friends and family all while still being able to see them face to face.

When the covid-19 pandemic struck back in 2019, it forced many people to go into quarantine wherever in the world they were. Thus, they were stranded and needed an app that would help them stay in touch with their family. That is where WhatsApp came in. Like we said that app lets you make calls and text for free requiring just a stable internet or data connection.

On the internet privacy is the most important thing for many people and on August 9th, 2022, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Meta the parent company of WhatsApp announced that there would be three more steps taken and three features will be introduced that will help the user manage their privacy while on the app.

One of those features is the screenshot blocker. What is the screenshot blocker you might be asking, well it is exactly as its name suggests, it blocks screenshots of view once messages from being taken?

So, the thing is that when the view once the feature was released it did not have a screenshot blocker which sort of defeated its purpose, as the receiver could save the view once photo in their gallery by taking a screenshot of it. But now WABI has discovered that this feature will now come with a screenshot blocker. However, users still would be able to take pictures of that message by taking a photo of the phone on which that message was sent while that message is open but that depends on what kind of person you are.

Moving on there is another update we want to talk about. As we said, privacy on social media is one of the main concerns for everybody and there is no shortage of people on the internet with menacing intentions.

Somehow if your phone number gets leaked, those sorts of people will try to login into your account but with this new feature, all their hopes will be dashed. In the upcoming weeks, WhatsApp will start asking its users while logging into a new device for a code, reports WABI.

If the users will be logged into one device and want to change it to another WhatsApp will send a code onto the first device just so that it can be confirmed that it is the user themselves who are logging in and not an outside force. This feature is still under development so we don’t know much about this feature but the upcoming weeks will sure yield more information.

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