US Marketers Are Spending $2.32 Billion On Instagram To Make It The Best Place For Influencer Marketing

Instagram is the most famous platform for influencers all around the world. Now with the close competition with Tiktok, The US Marketers have decided to spend $2 .32 Billions on Instagram Influencing Market. This will also require new updates and features on the app and Instagram is all set to go to all lengths for marking its number one spot for influencers. Insider Intelligence shared the data that said that US Marketers are ready to spend $2.32 billion on Instagram marketing, which is more than that of $948 million on youtube and $775 million on Tiktok.

The competition between apps is a good thing for many marketers because where there is competition, the apps will decide to hike up their product's promotion, and this way the investment price will be high. It is also being said that by 2024, Tiktok will surpass YouTube and Facebook and will become a bigger market than those apps.

Users also play an important role in the marketing of products on different apps. This is the reason that Instagram and Tiktok are the most used apps by younger audiences. 73% said that they most likely trust the product reviews from a person who seems just like them. This makes them a better judge of which product to buy and which one not. 62% of the younger audience said that they trust the product reviews from a person who follows the creators they like. The reason for this is that the same interests can also make users trust a product more.

Instagramers, who are borderline influencers, and amateur creators with less than 5000 followers experienced a 221% rise in their marketing this year, the fastest growing ever. This is eight times the $4.99 billion spent on the total influencers market with a 28% increase a year. While these creators and influencers have fewer followers, the engagements are high and the audience trusts them the most. They listen to their reviews and decide if a product is worthy or not, just based on the thoughts of those creators. Now it is safe to say that Instagram is going to become the biggest market for influencers to review a variety of products.


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