Snapchat’s paid service sees a drop in August after a successful debut a month before

A few days earlier, Snap Inc. launched a premium subscription service for its users to avail extraordinary features within Snapchat. Since the launch of Snapchat plus (paid service) in late June, it has recorded over a million users in just six weeks. This is exceptional in terms of revenue and the amount is quite affordable that everyone can pay. Right now, per month subscription charges of Snapchat + are 3.99 dollars.

Moving on forward, the app intelligence platform, Appfigures estimated 634,000 dollars of net revenue in just one day, and surprisingly, the revenue reached approximately 7 million dollars in its initial month. After one-time subscription consumers have to repeatedly pay in the coming months to avail of the service. So, according to Appfigures, the revenue hit only $300,000 in August. Comparing the figures from July when the revenue crossed 600,000 dollars it can be said that the peak is no more.

The exact cause of such low figures is not known. However, Snapchat+ is an opportunity for people to enjoy the amazing features of the app. For instance, it enables you to see who rewatched your Snap stories and allows you to change the app icon as well. Furthermore, some handy features are also ready to be rolled out for the paid subscribers which includes story replies, enabling Snapchatters' response more prominent when replying to the stories of public figures (Snap Stars). In addition to it, unique backgrounds, and new and improved Bitmoji characters are also on the way to providing an amazing app experience. Among many other features, the most important one is the launch of Snapchat for desktop, especially designed features for paid subscribers.

Above all, Snapchat Plus is a bundle of diversified features for users and with the paid service, Snapchat aims to generate more revenue than it did ever before. Still, the month isn’t over yet, but looking at the growth of revenue trend in the previous month, revenue had significantly dropped after that peak, so it won’t be difficult to predict that the rest of August would make a difference.

Well, this is certainly not a piece of shocking news for Snap as the initial month of a new service seems appealing to most people and to be very honest it’s not that costly due to which it got so much attention from those who are just curious about this. So, let’s hope in a couple of months, Snapchat will get more subscribers and more people will renew the service once they are used to the features that are exclusively provided to the paid users.

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