YouTube is Trying Out A New Feature On The App That Will Help You In Navigating New Content

YouTube is trying out a new feature on the app that will help you explore new content according to your preference. Right now YouTube is only testing this feature that will replace the explore page with a navigation panel that will recommend you new content. When you click on the explore button on the top left side of your screen, a lot of recommended videos in different categories show up.

But when this explore button will change into a navigation panel that will show you videos in different categories such as trending, music, movies, sports, etc. only. This means you will not get random videos on the explore page, but instead only the categories from where you can choose what to watch.

YouTube will also change the way you will open the navigation panel. Right now, to explore different videos you have to click the "explore" button on the top of the app. But YouTube will change it into a three horizontal bars button and you can either click on it or swipe from the left towards your right to get to it. This navigation panel will only function when you are on the home page.

When you open the navigation panel, you will see different categories being lined up. They consist of trending, music, movies, live, gaming, and sports. You will have to click on them to see videos of the relevant category. This feature will be initially available on YouTube for android. The users are yet to say anything about this feature as it is not available for use now and is only being tested by UI on android.

As YouTube is one of the best apps on android, YouTube is also working on other features that will make their users' experiences on the app more fun. The final decision to make this feature permanent on the app will only be based on users' remarks. YouTube is hoping for a good response as they have many other new features up their sleeves. Last month, YouTube also added a "looping a video chapter" on the app and another thing they added was the "video zoom feature" for its premium users. This feature lets users zoom the video up to 8 times.

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