Snapchat+ Treats Premium Users With New Features As App Hits 1 Million Subscriber Mark

If you happen to be a Snapchat+ user then we’ve got some great news for you. The app is treating its premium subscribers to some new additional features after the platform struck the one million subscriber mark.

The news was confirmed thanks to a blog post released this week. And that’s when the company revealed a new plan called the ‘Summer Drop’ that is solely exclusive to premium users only.

So, what’s in store? Well, we were just as curious as you and that’s when he found out that the latest addition includes highlighted story replies for high-profile members. This is applied to celebs and content creators, whom the app designates as its Snap Stars.

The whole idea is to help distinguish replies added by subscribers from those produced by non-subscribers. But wait, that’s just the start.

Snapchat+ also plans on giving its members features that are more aligned with customized visuals. For instance, you can now alter the icon seen on the home screen of the Snap app. Therefore, those irritated by the bright yellow would surely love this amazing new feature.

At the same time, users will get the chance to personalize the types of emojis on display for their contacts, after the immediate opening of the snap. Therefore, pals of those who are non-subscribers would end up seeing outlines in red, blue, and purple. However, if your Snap friend is a subscriber, he would be seeing emojis picked out by a premium subscriber, other than the Avatar itself.

Other than that, the platform is giving it's premium users another chance to avail the most unique Bitmoji backgrounds of the bunch. As amazing as it sounds, sadly regular users aren’t offered the same.

The subscription was launched earlier this past year and is available in most parts of the world at just $3.99 for monthly plans.
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