Snap Inc. May No Longer Continue With Its Pixy Drone As Development Reaches A Standstill

We heard a lot about the innovative Pixy Drone project from Snap Inc but the excitement slowly began to dwindle as many are now clueless about its progress.

Now, there is more information regarding the initiative, as Snap Inc. may no longer be interested, with its future development reaching a standstill.

The news comes just a few months after we saw the launch of the Pixy. And while that may have been intriguing to many tech experts out there, there was more anticipation for the drone version.

Now, hopes are faltering regarding the matter as a sudden stop in work on the project takes center stage. But if you actually take into consideration previous record history on the matter, well, Snap isn’t the best with hardware.

Not too many of its projects have been successful releases. Meanwhile, a report by Wall Street Journal claims that the company’s Co-founder and CEO mentioned the news during a recent question and answer session about the news.

He even added how the firm has not had the best year due to the current inflation and economic downturn that many other digital firms have been forced to deal with. And that’s probably one of the many reasons why the firm is keener on shifting resources to help overcome such losses.

The news comes despite the expenses related to drones falling due to decreased demand in the market. It’s a trend that we’ve witnessed in the past few years. But remember, even after buying a drone, there’s a lot more investment that goes into actually making it work.

Then there’s an issue in trying to learn how to drive the drone and maneuver it, as the devices weigh a good 250 grams, not to mention getting proper licensing done through the FAA too. Clearly, the hurdles are plenty, and getting the hang of making videos and taking photos is also not easy.

But that’s when Snap’s Pixy promised to overcome the huge challenges attached and really make an entry into the market with a bang. But we feel they might have spoken too soon looking at the current economic situation and earnings report of the firm.

Pixy was outlined as having a little modern flair to the classic drone. It was not your average controller but one that used mode dials to allow users to select flight patterns.

After being selected, the drone would end up following that pattern, clicking images, and making videos along the way. Yes, it was a very simplified ordeal that got many like us excited.

Yes, convenience was a huge plus point but we feel that it could have been better in terms of the quality of the products yielded like images and videos.

If users require a little more help in terms of access and features, they could get these through the Snapchat accounts as the company promised.

But again, like previously mentioned, Snap and hardware sales don’t go hand in hand. Even when the firm put forward its Spectacles launch to make images and videos, many had high hopes.

The products would be sent to users’ Snapchat accounts and it was just a great affair to think of. But then, the firm announced a mega loss entailing $40 million as it failed to be available through proper retail channels.

But despite these facts, the firm never lost hope and continued launching more versions of the device. And believe it or not, till today, we’re still scratching our heads as to what and why the project was even released.

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