Elon Musk Seeks Documents From Top Ad Firms For Twitter’s Spam Accounts As Bot Researchers Doubt His Claims

The world’s richest man is now on a mission to accumulate more data as evidence for his pending lawsuit launched by Twitter.

Musk was recently reported acquiring data from top ad companies to inquire more regarding Twitter’s current spam accounts.

The news was confirmed as filings were proceeded with at a court in Delaware on Friday by the Tesla and SpaceX CEO.

Twitter has prevented Musk from walking away with ease from a mega $44 billion Twitter acquisition deal as they feel it’s high time he’s held accountable for all of his actions.

The court date has been set for October 17 and although Musk was seen asking for some more time in the form of an extension, the request has been denied.

Now, the latest update has to do with lawyers gathering data from companies such as IAS and DV.N to grab a hold of any relevant findings regarding their involvement in conducting audits for the firm.

Both of these companies are based in the city of New York and they each respectively make use of technology to double down on ads that are witnessed by real users of the app. This way, advertisers are guaranteed that their spending on ads is actually worth it as it's being noticed by people and not bots.

As of now, neither have the two ad firms nor has Twitter responded to any comments made on the matter. But when one user asked Musk via a tweet how the company actually audits its operations, the billionaire claims that it’s a fishy question that Twitter doesn’t like to answer

This past month, we saw a countersuit take center stage where the billionaire added that Twitter imposed an image of users that was actually 65 million less than the reality. But again, Twitter refuses to back down and will stand by the figure it has disclosed.

Meanwhile, another shocking report has spelled disaster for Musk again as bot researchers are also doubting casts on all the accusations made by the world’s richest man.

They claim that the filings that Musk had made with his legal team in the current battle against Twitter aren’t correct but rather questionable.

A tool called bolometer was stated to be used by Musk, which works online to detect spam and fake ordeals. And that’s how the billionaire and his team managed to eliminate a staggering 33% of fake visible accounts from the app.

But the actual maker of the tool says that the figure they’re boasting about really doesn’t mean much. In fact, Mr, Kaicheng Yang questioned the move Musk used for detecting spam. Similarly, he spoke during a recent interview about how Musk and his legal team failed to even consult him before they went about using the tool.

In July, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO stated he was no longer interested in buying the company due to its increasing spam and bot accounts. He accused Twitter of failing to disclose the real facts on the matter. But now, it appears like he may have bitten off more than he can really chew.

Plenty of times, researchers have claimed that the tool is unreliable and can never go to the extent of giving any accurate figure of fake accounts. And for those that really wish to use it for that purpose, well, Mr. Yang says you need to give it a threshold to work with that can be used to cut the real score.

Slight alterations in thresholds can really alter the results, the Botometer owner added.

H/T: BBC / Reuters

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