Pinterest Users Can Now See How Their Pins Are Performing With The Launch Of Real-Time Analytics

If you’re a Pinterest fanatic and have always wondered how well your pins may be doing on the app, well, the company has some great news for you.

Pinterest just launched its Real-Time Analytics feature on mobile apps and it’s designed to help users keep an eye on their performance across the platform.

We feel this might be a great launch, especially because it comes right before the holiday season. Hence, marketers would definitely love the sound of it.

No matter where you may be and what time it is, Pinterest will have you covered on your performance checks, the company explained.

The news came with a few descriptive examples that visually showed what users could expect. Hence, if you want to start making use of it today, go ahead and update your mobile app.

Before, we heard about real-time readings being provided to users on the app’s web platform. But this new launch makes it so much easier to witness insights on your smart device, including when you’re on the go.

That makes sense as this is more likely where you’ll find more users making check-ins on the app.

Pinterest did mention that it’s not going to be presenting any real-time readings for audience-based metrics such as the aggregate for engaged monthly audiences, alongside the age and other filters like gender too.

However, users would definitely be able to look at the entire thing as an overall response achieved by the audience on a particular pin.

This is being applauded by plenty of experts for obvious reasons. Remember, there’s nothing better than being given data through which you can devise the best pin strategy out there today.

There is a fear that such strategies may end up leading to a case of over-optimization and account holders delaying their campaigns to make fine edits and tweaks across the board.

But the risk isn’t something new whenever we consider real-time data. Hence if you resist those urges, you’ll be blooming in no time.

H/T: Yasser Masood

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