Can Microsoft Edge Overtake Google Chrome As The World's Top Browser On Desktop? New Stats Show Edge Performing At Its Best

A new report by Statcounter has been published about the current trends of the desktop market and the leading browsers involved. And we’d like to inform you that the competition is intriguing as Microsoft Edge is seen experiencing accelerated growth.

This means we could see a possible disruption of Chrome’s reign as the world’s most popular browser in the future. And although nothing is final yet and stats continue to fluctuate as we speak, the attempt can’t go unnoticed.

The report for July 2022 definitely seems promising when compared to that from last month.

In June, Edge acquired a market share of 10.64 and now in July its gained 10.86% share. Clearly, the growth is there and it’s being applauded.

On the other hand. Google Chrome is at the top as always with its dominance, standing at a mighty 66.2% market share. And although it did experience a decline this month of just 0.7 points, the lead is evident.

In the third position, we saw Safari come in with a bang as the world’s most popular browser for desktops but its market share remained unchanged from last month. Hence, it continues to stand at a market share of 8.9%, while in the fourth position, we’ve got Mozilla Firefox at 8.08%.

While Microsoft did manage to destroy Internet Explorer 11, many people have trouble digesting such facts and hence are sticking to Google Chrome which hails as the king of browsers in today’s modern desktop market.

In case you didn’t know, the actual king of the past was definitely Internet Explorer for browsers as we didn’t have options back then. Interestingly, some still continue to use it today, as shocking as that may sound.

Opera took the final position on the list with a 3% market share as reported by Statcounter for this month.

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