Gallup Conducted Its Monthly Study On American Fears And Concerns For The Month Of July

US-based research firm Gallup has conducted a study on what Americans believe to be the most important issue facing their country.

Just going into the topic blind, I'm almost certainly expecting to encounter healthcare or the government to show up. The former because US healthcare, despite being so well funded, is an absolute nightmare for the average citizen even with insurance. The latter because if there's one thing right and left America can agree upon, it's the fact that the government's never doing well enough. I don't blame each side either: between having the outrageously horrifying Trump and the ridiculously feeble Biden, Republicans and Democrats just aren't enough for the US populace. Ah well, at least billionaires continue to remain content in their exploitation of the masses, am I right people?

Upon actually leafing through the admittedly well-conducted study, it turns out I was right on the money with the government point. Turns out, the number one concern of US citizens was the government or the country's current leadership. Both tied for first place with 17% each, which is such a surprise; oh my Lord, who could have ever seen that coming? These two were joined at the top three by inflation, which is currently a worldwide fear. With gas prices being driven up the wall and absolutely no one coming up with coherent solutions, middle America's in a bad place right now. On the bright side, crypto, and NFTs tanked with the economy as well, so at least crypto bros will finally shut up about the art of the stock or whatever.

Abortion issues became a decidedly hot topic this month, what with Roe v. Wade being overturned. I'm sure Republicans are patting themselves on the back over this decision, even as studies have proven time and time again that such measures don't markedly affect abortion rates. Instead, we'll just have a myriad of unsafe abortions, combined with women who need abortions for medical reasons wasting precious time waiting for approval. Have eclampsia and are under severe risk of debilitating seizures? Too bad, wait for upper management to allow doctors to perform a C section.

Immigration, the courts, and unifying the country tie for the last three slots on our top ten list. Immigration has seen a month-over-month drop in concern by 1%, joining leadership as the only entries displaying any such decreases. I'd like to think that this is because people are more accepting of immigrants, but it's probably because everyone's just distracted by all the other asinine daily occurrences.

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