Microsoft Is Rolling Out A New Update For Its Edge Browser To Overcome Security Defaults

While Google Chrome reigns supreme in today’s market of leading browsers, a new report managed to prove how Microsoft Edge shouldn’t be underestimated as its popularity continues to increase as we speak.

This might be another reason why Microsoft is working hard to really bring its Edge browser to par with other leading competitors by announcing updates that could really enhance user performance.

Microsoft will soon be launching a security update that helps the browser function at its best in the next few days. This update will be seen through the Edge Stable Channel to overcome all security defaults users might be experiencing while visiting less famous websites.

For starters, the company is hoping to move forward by switching on its most famous security level whenever it finds the ‘enhance security on web’ option is toggled on by users who wish to get that added level of protection in their settings section.

After being switched on, you get another layer of security against threats or vulnerabilities linked to memory on the browser.

This new feature would work to provide protection by simply disabling Javascript compilation while adding a series of OS protections that serve as extra care when a user is busy browsing online and passing through sites that they might not be familiar with.

After users update their browsers to attain this latest feature, their basic level gets activated in the latest browser as a default setting, where it’s only applied when using websites that a user visits on a less than frequent basis.

So the next time you visit an area that’s alien or new to you, you can be sure that this new security advancement gives so much protection. And what more can a user ask for than preserving user experience while visiting all sorts of famous sites across the web?

Microsoft confirmed the news recently via a blog post that put this new feature in the spotlight. It also mentioned how the update will give users the chance to have their data imported via Google Chrome while carrying out its experience for the First Run.

Through this method, you don’t even require to have your web browser downloaded across your device.

With the update, users can bring forward their data from Chrome via a log-in attempt to their classic Google accounts on the First Run Experience by Edge.

And whenever users wish to switch it off, they can do so by toggling off by clicking on Hide your First Run Experience or simply by clicking on disabled.

There are also quite a few new policies available that allow users to have their data imported from a long list of browsers on each launch. They’ll then be configured back to Microsoft Edge for further confirmation, right before all the windows with different tabs are shut.

The news comes to us at a time when the company revealed last week how it would be providing its users with enhanced browsing performances, especially when working on systems that have low memory on their disk drive.


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