Metaverse Employees Are Worried About Their Privacy If Meta Decides New Workplace Settings

Right now, Metaverse is ruling the world, in technical as well as cultural aspects. You can make your avatars, find some friends and even real-life fashion brands are styling clothes for those avatars. It is safe to say that Metaverse is the most important thing to the whole Meta company. But what type of work environment Metaverse is given to their employees? With the pandemic, a lot of things changed and the idea of workplaces did too. Now, Meta is offering its employees to work virtually by generating a Metaverse Office where they won't have to be physically available 24/7.

ExpressVPN decided to ask the 1500 employees of Metaverse about their thoughts on that virtual office. Here's what they said about this measure:

Less than 2% of employees said that they work in a Metaverse environment. 6% of them said that they are willing to work there and 12% of employees said that working in a Metaverse environment is part of their plans, but not right now. The percentage of the people who prefer working in the metaverse office is 77%, which is higher than the ones who said that they are not willing to work there, 57%. Some people said that they will work at the metaverse office but under some conditions. 45% of them said that they need a flexible opportunity to work from home and 36% said that they want to work with their coworkers easily without any problems if Meta wants them to work at the virtual office. 33% said they need more work opportunities and a permit to travel virtually. 32% of them said that they want more social interactions in their workplace and 31% want another alternative other than Zoom Conference Calls. 29%, 25%, 24%, 24%, 23%, and 17% want more opportunities, fewer physical limitations, permission to make avatars, less work traveling, and use of cryptocurrency respectively.

Most employees are worried about their privacy if they decide to work in the Metaverse Office. 63% of them are worried that employers will gain access to their data and as a result, their privacy will be neglected. They think they would be under surveillance and their location, screen time, visited websites, social interactions, biometrics, etc. will be tracked. Employers also admitted that this is a genuine problem because they have to record the screen time, location, social interactions, apo usage, etc to keep an eye on their employees.

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