Snapchat Is Launching A New Supervision Tool That Allows Parents To Keep Tabs On Their Kids

One of the biggest drawbacks of social media is the danger of impacting young minds, especially when platforms are used without guardian supervision.

Therefore, keeping that very same notion at the forefront, Snapchat is launching a new supervision tool for parents and associated guardians. This is another way they can keep tabs on how their kids are making use of the app.

The company revealed the decision of doing so as a part of their latest efforts for child safety on Tuesday. And according to them, the tool does a great job at mimicking the real-world interactions of parents and their respective teens.

The tool is dubbed Snap’s ‘Family Center’ and it provides a glimpse of who young children are messaging, without actually showing what the conversation comprises.

But in order for it to actually work, well, both parents as the teenagers involved need to accept the invitation. And we believe that in itself can be a major task.

After the specific invitation is given a green signal, parents get the chance to see their teen’s conversation list of contacts as well as their list of friends. Anyone that a young user has interacted with in the last one week will be shown too.

Anything that a parent or guardian feels is threatening or unsafe for their child can be forwarded in the form of a report to Snap’s team as well as their trust board.

Snapchat revealed recently through a recent blog post how it hoped the added measure of safeguard and security would help in reflecting what really goes on in the world of social media, in terms of relationships.

At the same time, they hoped that it would create a greater bond of trust between teenage users and their parents. You can best think of it as a situation where parents allow their kids’ friends over.

While they’re allowed to monitor everything that’s going on, they’re actually not eavesdropping on the conversations taking place.

We should be seeing the launch of the new innovative parental supervision tool called Family Center take centerstage in the next couple of weeks. This includes any new friends added and some more content control features as well.

News about the launch of Snapchat’s new tool comes to us at a time when so many lawmakers are urging social media platforms to create policies that better protect young users online.

Let’s not forget how leading whistleblowers of Facebook have proven through leaked papers how the company is designed to affect children’s safety negatively.

Some of the biggest names in the tech industry have also been invited to explain their cases to Congress who wants answers on what steps these tech giants are implementing to safeguard children.

Common names included the likes of TikTok, YouTube, and Snap as well.

Last year, we saw Snap’s VP claim how the company was very different in functioning when compared to archrivals. She called the firm an antidote to the world of social media.

This was closely followed up by the signing of several bills in the US that were created to better tackle the safety of users online.

Clearly, this move and a few others are clear proof to us all that Snap is keen on taking the safety of its young users very seriously. They have mentioned time and time again how their goal is to empower young minds so they end up making the right decisions in today’s fast-paced digital world.

This year in January, Snapchat unleashed a new feature that would restrict friend suggestions for teen users on the app. And this next move seems to be following in the same footsteps as that theme.

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