LinkedIn launches a new human-based discovery feature making big changes to the platform

LinkedIn’s Discover feature is getting a new update where the content being displayed will be curated by humans instead of algorithms.

As you may know, many social media apps use complex algorithms to display new content on users’ feeds. The basic aim of this feature is to get users to engage in new content outside of the usual content that they consume.

But LinkedIn is putting a spin on this feature where instead of the process being automated, an editorial team will select the type of content to display on the users' feeds. This feature is currently in its beta phases according to the lead developer.

LinkedIn’s VP of product, Blake Barnes says they’re making a feature where you’ll be able to discover new content from people and companies whom you never heard of. This will greatly enhance the users’ professional connections by opening up relevant content for them to engage in.

From what we know so far, the feature isn’t limited to just plain text which is the case in other similar platforms with a Discovery feature. You will also see posts with images, videos, links, news, and other mediums to make the post appear more attractive.

You might be wondering what type of content we’ll see with the LinkedIn Discovery feature. Well, Barnes has answered the question by saying that the beta tests will display the content gathered by LinkedIn’s news and editorial team. They will try their hardest to make relevant posts that will relate to the professional careers and interests of the users. The feature will improve with time as user opinion is vital to deciding whether to keep or remove the feature.

Lastly, LinkedIn says that the feature will aim for a mixed variety of content that will cater to a user’s professional interest and career. This will also help those individuals or organizations, whose posts get chosen to be displayed first on the discovery feature boosting their audience

The drawbacks of this feature include the content being limited to just established and well-off users on the platform. This is true because human based Discovery feature will rely on achievements and news to push the content on everyone’s feeds which means there’ll be fewer opportunities for less established people.

As of now, we don’t know whether small publishers will get any benefits from this feature or even be affected negatively. The feature is only available in the international language and can be accessed from the Discover tab from LinkedIn’s iOS and Android apps.

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