Apple Plans To Wipe Out Passwords Forever As Company Puts Its Passkeys Into The Spotlight

A world without passwords sounds so enticing to some and while it might be a far-fetched reality for others, Apple plans on changing that notion soon.

The successful iPhone maker is outlining its plans for the future and that involves bidding farewell to passwords forever.

The company was recently seen sharing some more in-depth details on how it plans to remove the concept of passwords from each of our daily routines, thanks to the introduction of its innovative Passkeys tool.

In case you may have missed it, the firm highlighted the Passkeys concept at this year’s WWDC in June, where many left wanting more information as that’s how enticing the whole concept was.

Many wished to know how it works and whether or not the firm had plans to introduce it soon or not. And it now appears the time has come for Apple to share just that.

Apple has reportedly joined hands with leading tech firms Google and Microsoft to bring forward a collaborative effort that can eliminate passwords as a whole from different accounts across the internet. And in case you’re wondering why, well, it’s actually to further enhance user security and not the opposite.

Each company will reportedly launch its own version of the model so we really need to keep an eye out for the venture in the next few months. But as far as Apple’s Passkeys are concerned, well, it’s getting launched in the fall of this year, alongside its other major projects. This includes the much-anticipated iOS 16 and the renowned macOS Ventura.

So, how exactly can one make use of the Passkeys from Apple? Well, it’s all linked to the world of cryptography and its associated public keys. Here, users’ devices will be seen storing security keys in a private manner.

And instead of the usual key sharing to enter into your device, users would now have to prove the correct key if they wish to log in. At the same time, they’ll be required to make something like an exclusive signature to further authorize their entry into the device.

It’s true that the key would be stored on Apple devices but that certainly does not mean you can’t use hardware other than Apple.

A recent post by the company proved how the password manager related to Apple’s Keychain could be seen syncing across different user devices as per their choice. Therefore, those who’d like to use various other devices can simply do so by scanning QR codes using their Apple smartphone.

Remember, gone are the days of worrying about your remembering your passwords and worrying about phishing attacks or malicious scams. Yes, the threat still looms but it’s definitely to a less extent.

And in case you wish to share the passkey with those that mean most, well, Apple is even allowing that happen to happen via its AirDrop. Therefore, if you happen to be sharing a joint account, well, you’re definitely not going to suffer if your credentials happen to be similar.

It appears the new technology will be browser-based but more speculations about developers linking them into apps are also on the rise. Hence, we’ll just need to wait and watch like the rest of the world to see what’s in store.

Apple says that passwords have been a mainstay for security in technology for years but the time has come to step it up, thanks to the growing attacks and security risks that so many of us face today.

Apple confirmed that this is no longer a future dream. Instead, a password-less world will soon become a reality.

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