Microsoft's LinkedIn Is On A Winning Streak As App Witnesses Record-Breaking Engagement Levels And Growth

LinkedIn has gone public with its performance update today and it’s safe to say that the app is doing great.

The company has highlighted its record-breaking performance which came in the form of massive growth coupled with the best engagement levels too.

Microsoft, which is the app’s parent company put forward a report that delineated how revenue figures grew by a whopping 26% during this past quarter. At the same time, the massive growth of 22% was seen in terms of the app’s engagement.

The firm claims that this is the biggest level of growth that it has managed to see in the past four years. And when you come to think of the current economic uncertainty around the globe, this is some serious gains in the tech world.

Microsoft shared statistics from LinkedIn dating back to 2018 and when everything is calculated sensibly, you can see how the app has achieved a 418% growth in its active sessions.

We also witnessed the platform adding a whopping 47% new users on board as well. But we can’t help but wonder if LinkedIn has really managed to achieve that much growth in engagement over the years for every single quarter.

Well, we best should believe it because the details are in front of us in fine print but you can’t miss the fact that Microsoft failed in giving out comparisons as to what they’re comparing the growth with. Hence, we’ll definitely be waiting for more details to double-check.

Nevertheless, it’s definitely a huge win for LinkedIn and we believe the app has come miles from where it first began. Similarly, you can’t forget how hard it has managed to work overtime and the proof is in the way it gained more activity from users in each one of its quarters.

The winning streak for the company is going on for a while and Microsoft isn’t minding. Remember, more engagement, more members, and more growth- what’s there to complain about in the first place?

As far as its revenue is concerned, Microsoft claims there has been a slight reduction in its LinkedIn app advertising funding. But the same is proving true for all social media apps. Even then, the company’s revenue is rising.

Meanwhile, we recently heard Microsoft sharing publicly how it has enhanced its investments for the app and that is covering up for its rising operational costs. Hence, as a whole, we’re getting the feels of a solid performance.

With a greater level of engagement being seen on the app, it now makes more sense why LinkedIn is stressing its creators so much and ways to help keep them on the platform with more support.

This would only assist in further solidifying their connections alongside their respective target audiences.

LinkedIn is definitely looking for ways to get more creators and users on board. And this is proven by a great many new projects coming forward like its newsletters and Live Access feature.

There’s even a Creator Accelerator Initiative to further assist members with expert advice and the best backup support.

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