Google Is Testing To Add Explore More To Search Refinement For Any Of Your Product Queries

Google is rapidly updating some of its very useful features so that users can easily go through them with some added functionality. Now Google is testing to add explore more to your search refinement so if you have any product queries, this little update can easily help you with that.

The feature is in testing for a while now and by this, you will see an 'Explore more' button on your Google results whenever you search for a product. This is an addition to the already added features on the Google search page. Product Grids and Popular Products are also a result of Google's refinement of search features.

Twitter users are sharing their thoughts about this feature and some are saying that this feature looks exactly like the old one, just renamed. And that is kind of true too. For example, if you search 'Shoes' you will get a 'Explore More' option on your result page and it will be related to the thing you searched for. For the shoe search, you can get shoes for women, shoes for kids, etc. on exploring more.

Previously the explore more button was named 'Refine by Search. If you search for birthstones, you get an option about 'Refine by Months'. It is almost the same as the new feature.

Another example of this update is if you search for clothes. You will immediately get the results and explore more options with related searches like 'Clothes for Women', 'Clothes for Men, etc. Now we all have to wait and see what changes this feature will bring to Google's overall work. But Google must have a strategy behind all of this. Maybe it is a way to engage the most number of people on their web search. This new update can also be helpful for people as it will help them to find whatever they are looking for easily. In our opinion, it doesn't change much of the functions and Google will work like it always does.

H/T: @Punit6008

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