Instagram Allows Users To Share Posts, Locations, And Reels Through QR Codes

The world of QR codes has taken over Instagram too and now, the company says it’s allowing users to share their content through the feature.

Be it images, videos, or Reels - the platform has given QR codes the green signal for convenient sharing. But in addition to that, we’ll find users sharing QR codes for their locations as well via the app’s searchable Map.

Most people on Instagram think that the best way to share content is either through a DM or a URL. But now, QR codes can really turn into an effective marketing strategy and highlight specific businesses and their offerings.

The news comes as plenty of users on the app noticed that when they share their content, location, or Reels, there is a three-dot menu that also provides an option for QR codes.

And in case you’re using the platform from the web, users can simply include ‘qr’ at the end of their designated URL to produce the desired QR code.

The app has been famous for allowing QR codes to share user profiles for a while now. But this is the first time we’re seeing it come forward and allow content sharing through the feature.
A spokesperson for the firm was recently seen speaking to TechCrunch about how the feature is designed to make it so much simpler for users and companies to share relevant content on the app. They also confirmed its applicability to tags, Reels, locations, user profiles and so much more.

The news isn’t exactly new as previously, Alessandro Paluzzi did unveil how the company was working on the feature and it could come into existence soon. As of now, we’re seeing it be widely available to all users soon.

There is no news on whether the feature will be up for grabs for everyone around the globe but we sure do hope so.

In general, we find it’s going to be super handy for so many users. For instance, celebs can post them whenever they’ve got an upcoming movie or a show coming up. Similarly, musicians can include them when there’s an upcoming concert, song, or album release.

Moreover, even restaurants and cafes can also introduce it so visitors grab a hold of images of what eateries appear like before they pay the location a visit. How useful would that be?

H/T: Mashable

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