Instagram Leaves Users Baffled After Responding To Meme On How The App Uses ‘Precise Location’

If you happen to be an avid social media user then we’re sure you may have noticed the great concern surrounding apps using users’ locations.

Many aren’t happy with it and there are plenty of people circulating details on how you can change your settings before it’s too late. Now, we’re seeing Instagram come forward on Twitter with a rather bizarre statement that has some confused and others disagreeing.

The thread on Twitter begins with the company boldly declaring how it's been forced to speak on the subject of its ‘precise location’ feature after a viral meme started trending online.

Instagram says that it wants its users to be clear about how it doesn’t share their location with others. It’s quite similar to various other social media apps that use the precise location for things like map features and even location tags.

But is that really enough of a justification to make people happy? Well, from the comments received so far, we don’t think so.

Instagram also says that those wary of the functionality can always go and manage their location settings through their device’s settings. Then, they can tag their locations on any post, only if they wish to share the news with others.

Many called the application out for the feature that sounds sketchy, to begin with. Meanwhile, there was another who felt that even if the app wasn’t sharing the precise location details, they were still providing a vulnerability through which hackers could potentially target users and attain the information.

There were even some who felt that the app was covering up its ways of collecting location details for ad targeting purposes while a few felt the platform needed to learn more about how the world of software really works and then speak.

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