Twitter Officially Enters World Of Podcasts As App Launches Test Version For New Feature On Twitter Spaces

The trend for podcasts is really taking center stage in the digital world and the latest company to jump on the bandwagon is Twitter.

Yes, the famous social networking site is officially entering the field. Today, the platform will launch its test version for the highly anticipated Twitter Spaces Podcast Tab and we feel the timing couldn’t be better.

Twitter Spaces will entail podcasts where users can listen to complete shows via customized playlists that are solely created depending on what interests them.

Now, users can simply open up their revamped Space tab and see Stations. This is where you’ll get a hold of playlists that are customized based on different topics. It pulls together those from RSS and from audio events of the app itself.

So as you can see, it’s nothing less than the typical Pandora station but that’s just us making a slight comparison. It’s also very unique and not like the usual Spotify or podcasts you find on Apple. These have been trending for a while now and the latest news has to do with Meghan Markle turning into a hotshot host with her controversial series aired a few days ago.

Users can find another tab for Live events and some upcoming spaces inside there as well. You simply need to scroll down a bit further. Before you know it, the test would be seen rolling out to the masses today, but it’s only available in English for now.

Now, the real test has to do with how users on the app respond to the venture but Twitter certainly has high hopes. Remember, the more listens it gets, the more tailored its experience becomes.

However, we’d like to inform you that Twitter isn’t starting the test from scratch. It has really worked hard in figuring out the key elements needed to keep listeners intrigued and that’s perfect when curating the best playlists.

Whoever users follow, they’ll slowly be introduced to their podcasts. So as you can see, it all depends on the users’ preference, and that’s it.

Twitter says it’s more or less like another app user recommending something out there to others.

But we’d like to add that the challenge is definitely going to be a major one. No app has managed to secretly attain where the success lies and what it takes to reach the top of the market. And while audio is trending these days, what platforms require to be at the top of the podcast game is hard to determine.

We can only imagine the great marketing opportunities that Twitter can avail with this project but obviously, it’s not in that stage yet. There is a lot of hope riding on the launch. Twitter is yet to include any clipping feature in the test and the fact that it’s only present in the Spaces is another limiting factor.

Nevertheless, for us, this whole thing seems to be a very fruitful fit for obvious reasons. Twitter Spaces really does make sense and it has allowed the app to fully venture into the world of audio with a bang. But how successful this turns out to be, only time can tell.

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