Google Play Unveils A ‘Strike Removal System’ To Help Developers Waive Off Any Strikes Against Their Accounts

The Google Play store is always on the lookout for innovative ways to help better its relationships with both users and respective app developers. And it now seems that the latter is being put in the spotlight with this new update.

Google Play unveiled its plans of introducing a new training course that tests the depths of its strike system. For those who aren’t aware, the strike system is designed for apps, and when a developer receives several in their accounts, well, it could result in termination or removal of their respective product.

But now, Google claims to be pilot testing a new feature that helps to waive off any strikes standing in developers' accounts currently.

The company revealed how the whole purpose of this strike removal system was to educate those developers that it found to be eligible. At the same time, it wants to evaluate and enhance its respective understanding of policies.

Google Play revealed how this would be related to fewer risk violations or those that it feels are not malicious either. These will be launched in the form of short courses where the first motive would be linked to IP infringement and respective spam.

The reason for choosing those topics is pretty obvious, and in case you haven’t guessed by now, well, it has to do with the simple fact that 2 out of every 3 suspensions taking place today by developers are related to these issues only.

Google Play will shortly be sending out emails to those app developers that it feels are eligible for the program. It adds how this is an optional exercise for those that feel they might need it. Hence, there is no obligation on anyone to participate.

To have the strike waiving feature be a part of their account, developers need to take the course, although not immediately but definitely at some point in time.

Each developer gets up to 3 different chances to pass the test and just a humble reminder that there is an expiration date attached. Also, the session takes around 30 minutes to an hour to get done.

Google claims that any strike that needs to be waived off of developers’ accounts would be done within 48 hours of passing. Also, developers must note that the strike for which a developer has been sent an email would get waived off respectively.

The new pilot test has come forward after developers’ requests who mentioned in their feedback to the company how they’d like something of the sort to be introduced.

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