Google Steps Up The Pressure On Apple To Correct It's Texting by Adopting RCS Messaging

Google has clearly had enough of Apple and its famous green bubble problems in regards to poor communication that has been a matter of concern for a few years now.

The problem is finally getting more attention as we speak as the search engine giant is calling on Apple to alter its messaging strategy.

While the system for texting isn’t necessarily the best, now the main issue with so many people lies with the fact that it’s putting users’ security at risk while violating the firm’s own policies related to accessibility.

And just in case that was not enough, there is a bucketload of frustration building up related to how easy it can be solved if Apple would stop being so stubborn and actually adopt a simple solution.

This solution is providing acceptance to the common industry standards linked to RCS messaging as the best possible replacement for texts on smartphones.

Google plans on stepping up the pressure, which can already be seen in the form of a new ‘Get the Message’ webpage, followed by a marketing campaign that highlights this issue.

We hope most readers are familiar with the RCS standard of messaging. To put it in short, we don’t even see it as a Google product. Instead, it’s designed to replace the age-old classic SMS format.

In the RCS standard, you say yes to some technically outlined policies such as typing indicators, reactions, encryption, media sharing, and more. It is just delivering the functionality of the finest and modern-day systems for messaging.

For years, we saw different messaging carriers mess up the entire texting system. There were several ways by which the RCS could have been brought to life. In 2019, Google tried to take the situation into its own control.

It began unleashing a number of globally accepted RCS systems via the Messages application. And that we felt was the right type of push needed for the RCS to be well known. Google’s drive was just what the system needed to fill in the gaps left behind by messaging carriers.

We did see at that time how the RCS had a lot of issues at the start but now, people should have easy access to it, especially those with Android.

At first, there was some talk about it being introduced into the world of 5G by GSMA but didn’t work out well. Meanwhile, Apple continues to stay silent on the matter, refusing to adopt it too.

Obviously, Apple would much rather prefer to stick with its iMessage ‘lock-in effect’ as getting on board with other systems for messaging would certainly undermine its own iPhone products.

RCS can be seen as a secure connection, supporting end-end encryption too, very unlike SMS. But yet, knowing all of this, Apple continues to follow SMS and enforces the rules on its users too who are stuck with the fallback.

The reasons for Apple to take on board RCS are plenty but acting selfish seems to be a game that the iPhone maker is good at playing. And we don’t see how moving backward instead of forward and making progress is working well for the tech giant.

Nevertheless, the new efforts put up by Google definitely looks promising and if you ask us, the search engine giant isn’t the best at marketing but this might be an exception.

Let’s see how fruitful Google’s strives of pushing back to attain good ends up being for iPhone users because now, all we can do is wait and watch.

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