Reddit’s Developing A New Platform Via Which Users Will Be Able To More Easily Make Bots And Extensions

Reddit’s working on a new developer platform that will allow users to build their extensions and bots for the platform with ease.

A lot of Reddit discourse is built around how the community engages with the platform, and how much it in turn allows users to mess around. Subreddits are essentially just rooms where individuals with similar interests hang out and share their collective passion. It’d be incredibly boring if absolutely no window dressing were allowed for; then we’d be better off with the old AOL chat rooms. Subreddits can be improved by providing users with the ability to add user tags that keep in with the general theme, banners can be added, flairs can be used to divide topics, and all of these can be supplemented by favicons to individualize them. Honestly, subreddits look all the brighter for all of these features, and Reddit seems eager to allow its users more leeway in furthering their creativity.

Bots are typically abhorred across the internet, as they carry a bunch of ads, nonsensical text, hateful messaging, or a combination of the three. They’re almost always implemented as a method to boost post engagement or advertisement reach, which results in them feeling like cheap door-to-door salesmen. You know, without any of the charm or basic functionality, and with many more slurs to boot. Bots on Reddit, however, are much different and more accepted by the community. While the annoying, aforementioned bots can be encountered, most bots found on subreddits are intentionally created with their themes in mind. For example, a bot on a Marvel subreddit will respond to anyone asking “who is *blank*?” by responding with “why is *blank*?” as a movie reference. Sure, it’s not Detroit: Become Human in terms of AI, but they’re considered harmless fun. Some are even assigned useful functions, such as reminding users or identifying the source of posts outside of Reddit.

There aren’t a lot of details about the new developer platform, how it will operate, and when it’ll be available to users. Currently, Reddit’s just focusing on providing a basic outlook to users, ensuring that the result will be a system that will provide the community with bot-making ease. Of course, until then, devs will keep working on the new platform.

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