What Are Meta’s Futuristic Plans For Its Metaverse? The Company’s Top Executive Shares Insights

When we heard of Facebook being hailed as Meta, many of us felt that it was just a name change that we’d soon be accustomed to.

But then, the company’s CEO shed light on how he was going to transform Meta into the Metaverse in the near future. And that is what left so many of us confused and even second-guessing what the company had in mind.

To put it simply, the whole was initially dragged out of the science fiction genre. It was deemed to be a place based on virtual reality where so many individuals would end up socializing, working, and even playing through their digital avatars. The latter was another phenomenon that would represent who you were in the futuristic platform while leaving room for plenty of imagination.

And while some of you might be anticipating for all of these changes to only take place in the future, well, we’d like to burst that bubble because there are some integral elements in place today. For instance, there’s plenty of chit and chatter about VR headsets that are in a league of their own. Hence, it’s details like these that make you wonder that perhaps the metaverse isn’t 15 years away, it’s actually much nearer.

It’s no surprise that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the most enthusiastic one among us all about the launch. After all, he has spent so much money and he’d definitely like to reap the fruits of his hard work and efforts.

Some technologies being worked on currently comprise more than one billion dollars. This includes the AR and VR smart glasses and neural wristbands. But despite these huge achievements, the criticism isn’t any less about the platform being known as a distraction to many.

So, like any other phenomenon, the Metaverse is being misunderstood because the idea is there but the execution is lacking and still being planned out. Hence, to best gain insights on the matter, a recent interview was conducted with Meta’s leader for global affairs, Nick Clegg. He decided to answer all of your queries and concerns through his 8000-word long essay.

Clegg is also the ex-deputy PM for the UK and he is definitely accustomed to what it feels like to be pushed back in the world of politics. Hence that’s one of the many reasons why he’s not bothered at all with how much Meta’s digital platform is being criticized.

Clegg says it’s important to have more debates and speeches on this topic today because the platform is still in its infancy stage. Hence, there is still so much room for improvement that can occur before we enter the final stage.

When questioned about what the metaverse represents for the common man, Nick Clegg claims it is a world that deepens your presence. No, you don’t have to be physically present to feel like you’re in another person’s presence.

Clegg added that the metaverse is not just one app or one product, nor is it the name of a huge operating system. You can’t see it as hardware or software. It is however very much similar to the world belonging to today’s internet.

Here is where the best technology, goods, and platforms are united as one. Technology will soon fade away and what you’re left with is another person’s presence.

All you need to do is put on a pair of glasses that’s super light in weight and voila, you’ll be transferred into a futuristic realm of nothing short of greatness.

But with that came another puzzling question that so many people were curious about. How much of the metaverse is real. And to that, Clegg says that you’ve got to play a game of Fortnite to get the feels of what you can expect out of the platform.

Clegg adds that the metaverse won’t be limited to just headsets because that would constrain the potential of technology. It needs to be made available to anyone and everyone, and that’s the goal.

Nick and his team members have been carrying out meetings in the metaverse’s Horizon Workrooms for some time now. And they call it a refreshing experience. No need to strain your voice to be heard. Instead, you can stay relaxed and communicate as if the person is right in front of you.

And in terms of content moderation, the Metaverse is going to be run by several firms with unique operating systems for diversity. Hence, each will have its own role and set of rules. For us, that’s already so exciting. What do you think?

H/T: Vox.

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