Gearing up for an interview at Apple Inc. now made easier as new article sheds light of the questions asked and much more

Apple is one of the most desirable companies in the world to work in right now. However, it should be expected that getting accepted into a company this big isn’t a piece of cake. It is doubtless that Apple only hires people with top-notch skills.

If you are looking to apply for a position in Apple Inc., then you have come to the right place as today we will tell you some tips and tricks to excel at your job interview at Apple. The thing is that there is a new piece released by ZDNet on how to land a job at Apple that has good advice that will help you for sure.

The article has advice on what to write and not write on your resume and also has the questions that the interviewer is likely to ask. The article highlights the skills that the company looks for, gives you a walkthrough of the interview stages and explains a STAR Method for discussing your accomplishments. The article as we said before as well includes some question examples as well.

What is this STAR method you might be wondering, well STAR stands for Situation: explain the situation at the time of your accomplishment, Task: what was the responsibility you took? Action: what was your action that corresponded with your task? And lastly Result: what was the outcome of the actions you took. Take extra care to take the credit associated with your accomplishments.

The interview process has 3 stages, first, A 15-minute call interview, second a six-hour test of skills including problem-solving, and lastly final interviews with different faculty members which can take up to a full day.

As we said above it is obvious that Apple wants the top-notch tech people working in their company, but there are some soft skills that they look for. The skills that they look for are: Brilliance (obviously), Determination, Obsessive Inquisitiveness, team focus and last but not the least Idealism.

In the article there are also example questions that are extremely varied. The questions can be anything from problem-solving to philosophical to psychological. Some examples are:

• Tell me about a project that was led by you?

• How would you explain a router to an eight-year-old?

• How do you prioritize things that have an equal priority in your mind?

• What makes Apple in your eyes different from other companies?

If you are someone thinking of applying for a coding job at Apple the let us warn you Apple will expect up to 10 different coding jobs on your portfolio from websites like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

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