Meta Provides A Massive Pool Of Insight On Climate Change And How The Crisis Can Be Tackled

Meta has recently published a mega report regarding the world’s perceptions about the ongoing climate crisis and what serious measures can be implemented to counteract the damage being done.

The detailed publication was stated to be done in collaboration with Yale University. It is also known to include responses from more than 105,000 users across Facebook who took out their valuable time to provide great insight on the concerning subject.

People from all over the world will now be given the chance to download the full report which is titled, “International Public Opinion About Climate Change”.

Obviously, going into detail about what’s mentioned in the report is not possible so we thought it would be a good idea to take out some key pointers for your better understanding of what to expect.

For starters, the publication highlighted how people from all over the globe were very concerned about climate change and we're seeing the drastic effects unfold in front of them. And this in particular included users from the Central and the South American areas.

While the problem and the concerns shown are all pretty universal, those who are being forced to deal with the issue as of now included citizens of the tropical climate regions.

Other parts of the report shed light on how so many people understand how the problem of climate change has a lot to do with humans and their irresponsible activities.

This has obviously been at the center stage for so many years while some people used to be skeptical about whether or not mankind had something to do with it. But as days go by, people are willing to accept the blame that human input is of the utmost importance.

Facebook users were seen commenting on how their governments played a key role in highlighting the issues and making policies that kept climate change at the top of their priority list.

Another shocking or shall we say interesting keynote from the report had to do with people failing to believe that steps taken to curb climate change wouldn’t have a drastic effect on the economy, which again was in a debate with the opinions held by critics.

While it may have taken a long time for so many people to realize the severity of the situation, it’s great to see how big of an acceptance people have of climate science.

So many social platforms are taking necessary steps to fight against the matter and put an end to misinformation through stringent fact-checking and limitations on reach for such posts.

In addition to that, platforms like Twitter even went as far as banning ads showing misinformation about climate change. Similarly, Pinterest was seen outlawing false assumptions regarding the issue through ads or even posts seen on the app.

While Meta is yet to take any major decision in this regard, it is trying to combat the spread of disinformation about such posts while promoting authentic facts on the matter through the company’s Climate Science Center.

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  1. The problem with climate change, the unrecognised problem, is that the general population is not responding in a coherent manner to oft repeated and increasingly strident warnings.

    And it's not just warnings; even the most striking examples of its impact today; the destruction of the rain forests, the melting of glaciers and ice caps, the bleaching of the great coral reef in Australia, forest fires, draughts, and foods, all these are having little impact on public opinion. But why ?

    One organisation has an answer, check out "Stop Selling the Desert".

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