The new age-restricted option on TikTok Live can stop users under 18 from accessing the live content

ByteDance's owned short video platform, TikTok, is among the most popular social media platforms. TikTok hosts almost 800 million active users with over 1 billion downloads on Google’s Play Store.

The application rolled out back in 2016, and since then it has been offering a number of features to attract more users. 3 years after its release date, the platform introduced the TikTok live feature, which is mostly used by content creators to promote their work or used by advertising brands to market their products with the help of creators. Live content has an unmatched reach and hosts people of all ages. However, some content may not be suitable for young users. This is why TikTok decided to roll out a new feature for TikTok Live.

This new feature was highlighted by Jonah Manzano, a song writer and musician as well as a new feature hunter on the social media platform. In his tweet, he showed that the new feature offers the live host an option to restrict young users from their live stream. The option under the name “not for younger audiences” will restrict users under 18 from accessing the live stream of that particular host.

Initially the live feature already had some age related restrictions, such as users under the age of 16 won’t be allowed to launch live streams and users under 18 won’t be able to receive or send gifts to their viewers. However, receiving or sending gifts is not available globally, only limited regions are currently able to access this. Despite having proper community guidelines that are meant to be followed by the users, some brand advertising or content may still not be suitable for everyone, especially for young users.

Some people even target TikTok for leaving a negative influence on young audiences and some countries even ban the application due to the same reasons. As a result, this initiative is expected to counter this narrative by showing that the developers are working to ensure a safe experience for users of all ages.

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