Users Can Finally Access Snapchat With A Browser But There’s A Cost Attached

If you happen to be an avid user of the app Snapchat, you’ll probably be aware that it’s been in the business for the last decade. But only now is the app giving users access to use the app on browsers.

But wait, don’t get too excited because the brand says it’s not for free and that means there’s a price tag attached.

The news is a clear indication to many about how keen the app is to expand its functionalities and capabilities. In the recent past, we’ve seen the app go through plenty of experimental phases.

This includes the likes of drones and unique glasses in terms of hardware. Meanwhile, let’s not forget how the app has struggled and survived battles with leading social media giant competitors.

But there always seemed to be one thing that many others had but Snapchat didn’t and that was the ability to get access to the app via a browser. But now, thankfully, we’re getting the feature soon at an additional fee that most people wouldn’t mind.

Previously, users complained about having to install the application if they would like to share it, view the content, or perhaps even communicate through it. And that’s very unique because other leading social media apps like Instagram and even TikTok don’t require users to do that.

Snap Inc. confirmed today how things are changing for the better and they couldn’t be more excited to have their leading app as an easily accessible feature through any user’s desktop computer.

The launch comes in the form of a Snapchat Web which will give nearly 300 million people the innovative chance to connect with others using the service.

Through this means, users are going to get better access to their chats and hence can also send out replies conveniently from the regular app or the web service.

But that isn’t all. The company is launching its voice as well as its video calling features with the web service for browsers.

We will be seeing the firm stay focused on a number of core functionalities but there are definitely going to be a number of new and exciting launches too that the app wants its users to stay tuned in for. This includes plans for introducing AR Lenses to the app soon.

The only problem we see here is how the firm plans on launching the feature to all of those having Snapchat Plus.

In case you’re wondering about Snapchat Web and how much it's going to cost users to get access through a browser, well, the answer is $3.99.

It was announced last month and will be seen as the latest paid subscription feature for users to get the earliest access to different functionalities, along with experimental content too.

Some exclusive features will include re-watching stories and pinning chats as well. Yes, we know that you’re thinking that the features are so limited. But remember, the decision is only recently being talked about so it’s still in the infancy stage. We do hope and predict that more features are on the way.

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