Google Is Updating Its Political Content Policy So Election Ads Can Be Played On YouTube

Consumers across the US will soon be able to make out the exact point where political ads are coming from thanks to Google’s updated policy for political content.

The company announced how it would be introducing a series of changes to its current political policy which include allowing election ads to be played across its YouTube platform. This change will occur as early as next month, the firm’s representatives confirmed.

In addition to that, the company will be requesting advertisers to explain in detail to viewers what the terms ‘paid for by’ really means in a particular ad.

These new requirements have been highlighted by Google and will reportedly involve both visual as well as audio advertisements.

For the visual ones, Google wants the text-based and banner-related ads to have disclosures visible continuously. They need to be of a particular size so any normal viewer would be able to see them.

Additionally, the company wants the audio-based formats to have sounds that are very similar to tones, pitch, and even the speed that’s prevalently observed across the majority of the ads.

Advertisers have been advised to go through policies carefully.

Google is more excited about giving advertisers the chance to run election campaign promotions on YouTube including audio-based ones. But for now, they’re busy testing it out in Beta. Hence, this feature could or couldn’t be available for all, the company added.

To ensure YouTube’s ads are running smoothly, the company wants advertisers to fulfill all of its clauses outlined in the verification provided for its US Election Ads section.

Therefore, advertisers need to be wary of all these new policies, or else their ads could be at risk of getting disapproved. Similarly, if rules aren’t followed, Google wouldn’t hesitate to have such accounts banned either.

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