Instagram’s New ‘Payments In Chat’ Feature Enables Users To Buy Products And Track Orders Through DMs

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced a new update for Instagram users called the ‘payments in chat’ feature. The company will reportedly be rolling this out soon, enabling users to make purchases and track orders through their direct messages.

This will be aimed at providing great convenience for those who are willing to make a purchase from any small business. At the same time, they can track where their orders are currently present through the app’s DM option in the US.

Users who wish to use the new feature will begin by initiating a chat with any qualified retailer through which they wish to make an order. Then, using the same thread for chats, these users would pay, track, and even follow up on any orders using queries.

Instagram revealed how so many of its users ended up having conversations about their purchases with respective sellers through DMs but now, they can even pay the business directly instead of resorting to other means.

Meta added how the new feature to make payments allows users with abundant access to the app’s in-support functionalities.

The news came in the form of a public announcement by Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg today where he praised the upcoming launch as one where people can make punches with Meta Pay and even use a few clicks to checkout.

Meta has also recently shared a screenshot that goes into the depths of what users can expect after getting a hold of the new rollout.

After making any purchasing decision, the buyer is given the option of a request for payment by the respective business. If the buyer is interested, they click on yes and press the Pay option.

The next step revolves around reviewing information for payments including details for shipping as well. Moreover, when successful, a screenshot will be added to show how your payment is being processed using assistance from PayPal.

Meta has noted that those brands who aren’t able to make use of Shops would now find it so much easier to sell their products, discuss details, get orders from the masses, and even accept payments through a simple click with this feature.

The best part has to be related to no switching between applications, which many dubbed a nuisance. In case the particular brand chooses to set digital storefronts, they’ll use the Shops across Meta’s apps to do so.

The firm has made so many people realize that more than one billion consumers are texting various brands using its apps every week. Be it chatting about details or simply glancing over products, or perhaps firing queries for their support. This just goes to show how keen many people are on e-commerce.

This particular feature’s upcoming launch comes at a time when Meta chose to remove Facebook Pay and rename it Meta Pay. But despite the name change, the services will continue to be like that seen in the past so users don’t need to worry.

The reason for the sudden name change is an indication of how Meta is creating some steps for its digital wallet for the upcoming Metaverse platform.
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