Twitter Shares More Details On How It Detects And Deletes Fake And Spam Accounts

As the Twitter transition drama with Elon Musk continues, we thought it would be interesting to check and see how much progress the company has made in that regard. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there’s been no significant finding since then.

However, you might be a little surprised to learn how the company recently conducted a briefing where it shared some valuable insights with the Press. This includes an in-depth rundown of how it actually keeps fake and spam accounts at bay, not to mention eradicating them completely from the app.

Previously, the company shared how it felt such revelations were personal and hence shouldn’t be shared in public. Now, however, they may have taken a complete turnaround and that’s why we’re hearing more about the entire ordeal.

As recently revealed by media outlet Reuters, Twitter on average, deletes around 1 million fake accounts on a daily basis. And this figure was quoted live by the firm’s executives during the press briefing on Thursday.

This was just another way to show the world how keen the platform was to fight against such issues which it claims to take ‘very seriously’. And while billionaire Elon Musk may not agree, the app says it’s the truth.

The briefing appeared to be centered around how major efforts were involved in controlling automated and harmful spam profiles, but as you already, Musk thinks the information isn’t sufficient enough as calls for ‘do more’ are on the rise by the Tesla CEO.

Therefore, Twitter seems to be playing some fun games as a way to negate any further pushback that could be attempted by Musk as a way to get out of the Twitter deal. For those who don’t know, Musk fails to believe Twitter’s claims that there are only 5% of accounts that can be deemed fake on the app.

Just last month, we saw Elon Musk and his legal team of experts sent out a letter to the SEC where they accused the social networking platform of breaching terms mentioned in their agreement. This was in regards to how Twitter failed to come close to Musk’s demands of sharing more insight on how Bots were detected on the app.

But Twitter refutes those claims, stating that they’ve done everything in their power to reassure Musk that they’re not lying. And if that meant providing him with a ‘full firehose’ of internal data, then so be it.

Twitter further adds that they hoped Musk would by now conduct his own series of assessments and come back to the deal. But as of now, there’s no such word on when and if that would be happening.

During the recent briefing, Twitter reiterated how the meeting with the reporters had nothing to do with the Twitter transition deal with Musk and this was just another way the platform hoped to keep its valuable users informed of what goes on.

But the timing is a little fishy as speculation is running at an all-time high about how Elon Musk could very well be setting up another pushback that would ultimately remove him from the deal as a whole.

Other tech analysts feel Musk is suffering from buying remorse as he feels the amount he may have agreed to is a tad bit too much. Remember, Musk has been on a Twitter break without providing any reason why.

But quitting is definitely not easy, as confirmed by analysts and legal experts who predict the platform giving the Tesla CEO a huge tough time, in case he backs out.

We’re just patiently waiting to see what’s next and we’ll definitely keep you posted along the way.

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