New Version of Beta WhatsApp for Android Is Just Around The Corner and It Has Some Amazing Features

Whatsapp's new update is just around the corner. WhatsApp is bringing its new version and it's going to launch in a few days. Although it is under development, WBI has noted that the messaging giant is working on a few updates with this version and it will be launched to beta testers first before being public.

The new updates that will be included in this version are companion mode and synching the chart history with other mobile devices. WhatsApp is making these updates convenient and reliable to users so it will take some time for them to be launched.

Companion mode was something users were wanting for a long time and now WhatsApp is preparing to launch this feature. In this mode, WhatsApp is allowing the users to link their WhatsApp account to another mobile device. With this feature, if your WhatsApp is connected to another device you will be able to send messages without any internet connection on the main device.

With this update, users will also be able to sync their chats with other mobile devices. Whenever you open your WhatsApp on a new device, you will get a notification that your chats are being synched and that this may take a while.

This feature may take a while to be launched so meanwhile WhatsApp is working to launch this chats synching feature on WhatsApp Desktop/Web. You will get a message that your chats are being synched whenever you open WhatsApp on the desktop. This feature will help you to sync all your previous chats on any other device and you will be able to easily use WhatsApp without any problems.

These features are still under development, so we do not know when WhatsApp will be able to release them. We will get to know more about it when it gets available to beta testers. It is then that we will be able to hear thoughts about these updates. So for now patience is all we have.

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