Twitter Begins Limited Testing Of Its CoTweets Feature That Allows Two Users To Co-Author A Tweet

Just a few months back, we spoke about Twitter’s plans on launching its new CoTweets feature. And that’s when the company revealed how the option allows two users to co-author any particular tweet of their choice.

Now, it seems the trial phase is well towards completion as the app recently allowed the functionality to go live for a limited number of users.

As reported by media outlets recently, users of the platform can make the best use of the sharing feature with contacts they feel carry the same opinions as them. Hence, that adds a new twist of co-authorship that we rarely find on any platform.

The new innovation works simply. All users need to do is allow one member to tweet a post and then go about inviting another to join in the same tweet. This second member would be tagged as the tweet’s co-author.

We definitely find this feature to be interesting but we do feel the replies to the tweet will solely be directed toward the Tweet’s main author.

Twitter announced the feature going live through a public release where they revealed how they’re busy trying to explore a number of ways by which their members can collaborate. Moreover, the platform also shared how they’ve been busy trying to test the CoTweets feature for a short time just so they could see how some businesses and users adapt and grow with the new offering.

This is definitely a smart move on the company’s part as we feel it can strengthen the bonds of so many on the app as they start engaging more with others.

It’s also going to be fun to see how users start making the most of the functionality of the app. And in case it does prove to be a little successful, it’s definitely going to be rolling out to the masses soon.

Unfortunately, for now, if you haven’t been able to experiment with the feature, you’ll just need to wait a little longer. And that’s because it’s only being labeled as a limited release and based totally on the feedback obtained by the users. So there are definitely some chances that the event could be labeled as short-lived.

Twitter says the new addition was added to help provide users with more variety in terms of features and also to enhance the app’s service by expanding tweets.

We’ve seen Twitter add some more changes like the release of Notes and an added regulatory measure of how tweets are released. Let’s not forget the good old ‘edit’ button that many have been demanding for a while now.

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