Dark Matter is not just limited to space it can exist in workspaces as well

All of us are probably familiar with Dark Matter, invisible material that accounts for a large portion of our universe, well what if we told you that this sort of matter can exist in your office as well. No we’re not talking about literal matter but a metamorphic sort that just might exist in your workplace.

Well there is a thing called the Dark Matter of work that is created by a delay in work submission, communication misunderstandings between employer and employee and project beings canceled. It is sort of like a rift between things that can have severe consequences, like wasted time and lost millions of dollars on the company’s behalf.

According to a new report released by Wrike, work complexes like these have created a multitude of gaps in information that can also be classified as dark matter. In that report it was estimated that on average employees spend 89 of their working days and 5 days of their personal life in wasted work throughout the year.

This wasted work can include work that is rejected, duplicate work, meetings that have no good outcome etc. In that same report it was said that for a team of 3200 people, 52 million dollars are lost because of wasted time.

In addition to that 65% of business leaders encounter problems with projects that could be easily avoided with real time insight into the status of the project. These same delays can cost a company 8.2 million dollars per year.

Lastly, nearly 80% of employees work at a cross with their colleagues and as we said before sometimes there can be a rift between the employee and the employer and this is precisely the same thing as 57% of respondents said that their employer does not understand just how hard they work. This has led to a 427,000 dollar loss just because of employee churn.

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