Facebook And Instagram Could Face Tough Times In Europe Soon As Top Watchdog Stops Meta From Sharing Users’ Data

Social media enthusiasts living in Europe could soon be bidding farewell to Facebook and Instagram as early as this summer. And that’s because a leading Irish watchdog has stopped Meta from sharing users’ data with those in the US.

The shocking news report was first unveiled by Politico recently and it’s been causing quite a major stir online. Meta’s role in sharing data between servers in the US and Europe is clearly being tainted by the new findings from an Irish data protector.

Interestingly, it did not take much time for Meta’s spokesperson to confirm the news and appalling decision.

But wait, it’s not over yet as the Irish data protection regulator’s decision is not final and won’t automatically be applied across the European continent. And that’s because we’re still waiting on the EU to have their say and hence pass the final judgment.

The EU has reportedly asked for a period of one month during which it can decide if the sharing between the US and Europe will really be blocked or not.

But in the case it is, you can well expect to see it taking a toll on thousands of different tech-based firms that carry EU data across American servers.

All of these privacy matters aren’t something new. In fact, they’re bound to date back to some shocking findings made by Edward Snowden in the past, who was a famous NSA whistleblower.

He highlighted how there was so much data being stored in the US and these would then be accessed with the help of spy agencies. As you can probably expect, the news spread like wildfire and that led to a massive debate and a series of legal battles. So many influential calls were made to put an end to sharing agreements between the EU and US, after these reports too.

In the month of March of this year, there was some speculation regarding some sort of agreement being drafted on provisional grounds that would assist in covering Meta’s call for data sharing. But there is yet to be any progress on that move and we won’t be seeing a decision anytime soon, before the year-end, at least.

But Meta appears to be confident that the deal will go through, adding how the conflict between the EU and the US is on its way to being resolved. It also mentioned how they welcome any new frameworks being designed for data transfer across the nations as this would assist in strengthening connectivity.

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