Now You Can Tweet Without Worrying About Word Count By Using Twitter Notes Feature

Twitter is preparing to launch a feature that will help you tweet long tweets without worrying about the word count. The feature is called Twitter Notes where you will be able to type out your tweet, irrespective of the length and can tweet it on your account. You will be able to write long articles, attach media and use different formats. This feature is in the testing stage and Twitter is not giving out many updates about it. Only a select number of users can use this feature.

Before this feature, Twitter users use the threads for their tweets to complete what they are saying. The thread feature of Twitter was launched in 2017 and since then it is being used daily in thousands of tweets. Now, Twitter has observed that threads cannot make the Twitter experience enjoyable as storytelling or sharing an important thing shouldn't be done in parts, so they are launching a solution to it. i.e. The Twitter Notes. Other than threads, people have started typing long tweets in the phone's notes and then tweeting them as a picture media on Twitter. But this also isn't the solution because it cannot be searched and hashtags don't apply to it. No matter how important the tweet is, it is not able to reach a large audience.

Twitter Notes is now the only hope of tweeters because it can help them with their long tweets. Initially, this new feature came into the talks as Twitter Articles but is changed to Twitter Notes now. The exciting thing about this feature will be that not only you will be able to write long tweets, but also be able to format them in bold or italics. You can also add one video, up to four images, gifs and additional links to your tweet. There will also be a 'Focus Mode' that will maximize the article on your phone screen completely.

Twitter is going to launch this feature in the latest version of Twitter and you will be able to see it right next to the 'Tweets & Replies' button. So it will always be an option for you to use. Twitter users have been waiting for this feature for ages but don't get too excited because if this feature doesn't work out as Twitter is expecting, there is a chance that it will not be operating for long.
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