Apple Grabs Top Position In Tech And Telecommunications For Brand Intimacy’s New Study

Tech giant Apple is definitely in a league of its own and in case you need a little reassurance of how well it’s doing in 2022, well, Brand Intimacy study says it all.

Apple managed to bag the top position in the subject of Tech and Telecommunications for the study that was carried out at the start of the year. And while the study’s findings were originally unveiled in the month of April 2022, there were still some parts that were hidden from our view. This is definitely one of them!

Apple came in third in the category of consumer bonds with the company. It was Elon Musk’s Tesla firm that beat out Apple in this regard, taking the second position. On the other hand, Disney ranked at number one, showing how it still has what it takes to create that charming bond with audiences worldwide.

Meanwhile, moving on to the Tech & Telecom niche, it was seen how Sony and Android snatched the second and third positions from other arch-rivals. These included the likes of Adobe, Dell, Microsoft, HP, Nvidia, HTC, and IBM.

The director for MBLM which is the firm heading the study mentioned how interesting it was for so many people to witness the category of Tech and Telecommunications reaching new heights of success in the past few years. There are now so many people now realize how important of a topic it is in today’s world.

But it wouldn’t be wrong to say how the fascination with the trend came out to be more due to the effects of the pandemic. That is a period where the digital world boomed as there was so much reliance on the tech world for simple tasks like study, work, socializing, health, wellness, information, entertainment, and more.

Brands were more accepting of the change and hence slowly started to engrave a close space in many people’s hearts.

As far as tech giant Apple is concerned, so many people ended up highlighting Apple Music, and other products from the firm that have literally transformed people’s lives for the better. Let’s not forget the great functionalities of Apple that are linked to users' health, wellness, and safety too. Interestingly, some spoke in detail about how a lot of Apple users were best able to relate to the app's emoji that features pleading hands.

Overall, Apple has ranked third and it’s definitely a leader in terms of tech and telecommunications as per this new study. But let’s not forget how Apple has managed to steal the top spot for being the most intimate brand in the past few years, which wasn’t the case in 2022. Nevertheless, the competition is definitely tough and one you couldn’t deny, even if you wanted to.

These results are clear proof of the great emotional connection the tech giant shares with its users who keep coming back for more.

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