Reddit Allows Users To Customize Personal Avatars With Limited Edition Blockchain-Themed Designs

The world of digital avatars is trending and platforms like Reddit are in full swing to make the most of the unique phenomenon.

On Thursday, the company was seen announcing how it planned on launching a limited edition version of customizations for avatars for user profiles. And the theme was blockchain.

The avatars will reportedly be up for sale via the company’s Avatar Builder. It was also unveiled how they’ve been designed in collaboration with an array of talented artists. Additionally, they’re also giving the purchaser full rights to the customized product and that seems to be a fair and win-win situation for all that are involved in the venture.

In case you weren’t already aware, Reddit first launched its Avatar Builder initiative in the year 2020. And that was a period when the platform gave creators the chance to design and customize an avatar of their choice using the app.

The exclusive offering that is available now is basically an extended update that the company plans on launching for a short or limited time period. These avatars on display will be available for customization using blockchain technology. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the offer looks promising.

Every image will be given an innovative license that the purchaser can attain after its sale.

As recently mentioned by Reddit, the products will be very exclusive and limited in design. Their purchasing can be done conveniently online where artists get paid directly for their hard work after the avatar has been sold.

And if you assume that the product is backed by the blockchain and that means you’ll require cryptocurrency while making payments, well, that’s definitely not the case. Also, Reddit recently stated how their avatars aren’t going to be auctioned either.

This means every product will have a fixed price tag which can only be bought using the usual or classic currencies in the market.

The company is definitely getting two thumbs up in terms of thinking outside the box and adding ease to the lives of talented artists whose work often goes unnoticed. Did we mention how great of a platform this is for new and upcoming artists too?

Reddit also mentioned how the products are being stored on Polygon, thanks to affordable cost transactions and the commitments it has made relating to sustainability.

For now, the platform is rolling these avatars out for just a limited number of app members but with time, we’ll soon be seeing a mega launch take place too.

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