YouTube’s Shorts Show No Signs Of Slowing Down As App Records 30 Billion Views Per Day

YouTube is generating huge revenue thanks to its Shorts feature, which on average manages to bring in a staggering 30 billion views per day.

The company has noted the huge difference in popularity between its short-form and long-form video content. And it’s obvious that the former is winning, hands down.

The news was made public by the platform during the Cannes Lions event that took place in June, where the leading social media app added how it didn’t expect Shorts to be slowing down anytime soon.

On Thursday, we saw the site which is owned by tech giant Google, mentioned how Shorts-related content managed to generate more than 100 billion views in the month of April and that strikes for a huge win on a daily basis. To be more specific, it’s almost as if the app has seen a staggering 400% rise in its YoY turnover.

YouTube also mentioned how it managed to garner a whopping 1.5 billion users who adore tuning into the app, solely to watch Shorts-related content each month.

Keeping that aside, a bunch of other interesting findings was made public like how the short video format is doing wonders in terms of generating engagement and assisting in the discovery of new artists.

One great example provided by the platform included JVKE. The artist managed to create a mega fan following in no time, with nearly 1.4 million subscribers tuning in.

Many popular content creators claim Shorts is doing a great job in terms of boosting their popularity and viewership, even more so than the regular long-form video content.

Meanwhile, the app’s head of music worldwide revealed how it’s no surprise that YouTube wants to be the leader when it comes down to revenue generation. And therefore, they’re willing to experiment with all sorts of options, including those related to the music industry.

Yes, money is a great incentive but that’s not it. YouTube wants to be a platform for different artists to connect and collaborate while attaining the most meaningful bond.

Hence, Shorts teaming up with regular long-form videos appears to be the right way to achieve those goals. For instance, if a fan likes what they see on Shorts, they’re more likely to go and watch the longer form content or subscribe to a particular creator.

Other experts are seeing YouTube’s Shorts as a great addition in today’s competitive market industry where users’ demands are high. Not only are global superstars benefiting, but so are new startups and artists who wish to attain the same fan following as their fellow archrivals on similar platforms.

In the same way, let’s not forget how the unique video style paves the way for better consumption and allows fans to explore a unique path of discovery and storytelling. In terms of music, it starts off as a studio session, then a video shoot, and finally the grand world tour.

It’s no wonder why so many are calling it to be the true destination where artists’ visions come to life and alter the world of pop culture.

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