Pinterest Elevates Its Shopping Game By Rolling Out New Merchant Features Including Product Tagging And APIs

The world of eCommerce is a great way for social media apps to earn more revenue and that’s exactly why Pinterest is focusing its efforts in that domain.

This includes the likes of product tagging and a unique shopping API that is designed to assist merchants via the launch of such useful features.

The company was recently seen explaining how the new functionalities are created to give merchants more benefits so they can provide users of the app a more fruitful and pleasant shopping experience.

For starters, the platform has introduced a new API so that merchants would now get easier access to the latest catalogs and product offerings for the best data quality of their products.

Pinterest adds how the new tool is seeing a massive level of accuracy in terms of pricing as well as how much data is available. So it's a big thumbs up in that regard.

On the other hand, merchants will also now be able to benefit from product tagging across Pins. This is the name given to a unique shopping functionality that enables brands to make any lifestyle pin a real shopping experience.

Through this feature, stores can add goods from their catalogs to any image on the scene. Therefore, this paves the way for shoppers to highlight which products they need through the imagery that they come across.

The company adds how research proved that nearly 70% of users were keener on making a purchase through product pins that were reportedly tagged in such scene pictures when compared to those regular or classic standalone ones.

But wait, the company isn’t stopping just there. Pinterest says it’s going the extra mile for shoppers by allowing video assets to be a new part of merchant catalogs. This will help in providing a better view of goods through various angles whenever a shopper intends on making buying choices.

The launch of the final feature has come at a time when the app has boldly claimed that it has been receiving so much positive feedback from various video-based ads.

Lastly, you can see the app moving ahead with its Shop Tab which would now be found on different business profiles. This will make it so much easier for brands to clearly outline which products are for sale.

This will similarly make way for product descriptions that can be better customized by merchants, not to mention a more detailed user interface across smartphones.

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