Reddit Allows Users To Add Optional Text To Video Posts, Pictures, Links, And Their Gallery

Reddit is finally rolling out a feature that many had hoped for. The company has begun launching the ability to add optional text to various types of content seen on the platform.

This includes users’ galleries, videos, images, links, and posts. But for now, the app says it’s only restricting the launch to some of its Redditors but hopes to expand it to all soon.

The news about the launch came in the form of a recent blog post that listed all of the updates that the company has been busy making in the past month. And that means from mid of June to mid of July.

The new launch is for those communities who wish to incorporate some additional text or perhaps need some submission mentions to align with various posts. Hence, such users can accommodate their requirements in a more fruitful manner with the app’s recent update.

There is also no more need for any stringent titles for posts like previously as is there any need for options for auto-moderation or perhaps the sticky comments sections that go about sharing some more context.

But the app is making sure some standards or policies continue to stay in place for user ease like communities still having the chance to limit their posts’ main body of text that are necessary requirements for such postings. These are usually targeted via auto-moderation regulations.

On Wednesday, we saw the company revealing that it would now be collaborating with Giphy through which users can incorporate GIFs into their replies on the app or even in the comments section.

While that was not seen as a major power-up on the app, it went on to give users some more updates on different features that actually served as a power-up. This would further end up decreasing the value of community-level subscriptions on the app.

Reddit announced how it would be allowing achievement flairs to continue in the communities. Those who previously couldn’t gain access would now be able to do so.

At the same time, other interesting changes being included on the app included the continuation of customized emojis for power-ups. But there would no longer be any trophies or other prizes being handed out. In case you happen to have some, well, you can keep them close and showcase them with this new update.

In addition to that, Reddit has decided to remove the hero status of power-ups present in the community. This comes with the app’s decision to get rid of HD videos for the short period too.

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