Interaction rate on Instagram posts appears to be declining with fewer users’ engagement as the platform focuses more on Reels

The social marketing firm Later conducted an in-depth analysis of Instagram Feed posts Vs. Reels. It found that there is a rapid downturn in user’s Feed interaction on Instagram due to trending Reels content. According to Later’s research, there is a 44 percent reduction in regular Feed posts since 2019. On the other hand, Reels engagement appears to be more than 500 percent.

It is not new to hear that Instagram’s algorithm has evolved and the app focuses more on video content rather than photos and carousels. This is due to the ever-growing influence of TikTok short videos. Now, about 20 percent of Instagram’s activity is based on Reels. Brands and creators are also promoting their content on Reels and a very few of them are getting high reach on publishing posts so far.

Mavrck, an influencer marketing platform explored 81 million of Instagram’s in-feed posts between January 2019 and February 2022 for its research. The firm concluded that in 2019, there was a 5.6 percent engagement rate with Instagram posts, but as soon as 2022 was about to begin, the average rate fell to 2.9 percent. Later, the social media company analyzed Reel's engagement on its accounts and found that Reels is the major cause of the decline in Instagram’s Feed posts. Additionally, in 2020 the average engagement rate on Reels was 2 percent, and now it has risen to 9 percent. Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Reels are going to get more user engagement with the fastest-growing short video format. He also added that Reels are not only getting engagement growth on Instagram but also on Facebook. Instagram pushes creators to display content through paid bonuses and promote brand reviews and deals in short-form videos. The unfiltered nature of the Reels format makes it flawless for product showcases.

Considering the influencer's perspective, they have a huge burden to promote video content. Travel influencers told that they’ve observed a 30 percent to 50 percent decrease in content promotion and reach. They informed Insider that learning video formats have become essential for them to keep up with the trend. In addition, you don’t have to be a photographer alone. Along with photography skills, you also need to learn video skills as revealed by the Canadian videographer, Chris Hau. Most of the influencers belonging to the travel niche have left Instagram and they’re no longer depending on Instagram as the only means of earning. Instead, they’ve got some other ideas on other platforms to elevate their revenue stream.

To conclude, Reels are getting more user engagement than in-feed posts. Reels are the best for unpolished content. To get high reach, it all depends on your resources, content planning, and of course creativity. Brands approach influencers to market their product and they will catch up with only those creators that can make a perfect Reel and grab more audience.
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