Google Is Not Happy With The Practice Of Paying Publishers For Content Appearing In Search As It Undermines Trust

Google is having some major concerns about paid content published in its search results. Recently, the search engine giant was seen mentioning how such behavior could well undermine trust.

The company’s policy manager in the United Kingdom shared how such payments really put the company’s reputation and integrity at risk and that’s not something they’re willing to move forward with.

But that’s not the only issue Google is having, They’re also not too happy about the upcoming Safety Bill as they believe that giving an exemption to news publishers would go about undermining Google’s targets. In addition to that, they added how such behavior would stop platforms from acting at a swift pace and removing content that they felt went against its policies.

Clearly, the gesture would be seen as one that gave priority to people’s freedom of speech over any other rights. Another similar point was made related to publications highlighted as being specialists would no longer get any safeguarding rights as was seen in the past.

A lot of arguments arose on the subject including one where so many began speaking about how most users of Google went to the sight to double check or confirm if something was right or wrong.

Many people have since then mentioned how important it is to understand the difference between a social media platform and a search engine giant. The two clearly can’t be put together and don’t deserve the same rights as they have different functions altogether. Obviously, one is trusted more than the other.

As we speak, Governments of the US, UK, and even Canada are carrying out investigations on how big tech firms are forcing publishers to pay for their media content through which they gain the most benefit. These firms include Duopoly, Facebook, as well as Google.

People reportedly carry a lot of trust and belief in these search engines and they’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure the results produced are good enough. But Google has analyzed how one factor that really forces trust to go down the drain is payment in links that are scattered across these search engines.

The fact that someone even thinks they can pay their way to the top of Google’s search engine has really bothered so many people and they feel the time has come to talk about how that’s not going to be allowed.

H/T: Pressgazette

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