Reddit’s New Partnership With Giphy Allows Users To Add GIFs With Comments

Reddit has joined the Giphy bandwagon today and that means the new collaboration is going to give all users the chance to incorporate GIFs into their comments.

The Giphy party has always been trending on social media and it’s about time that Reddit users got the chance to experience the fun too.

The huge online hub features hundreds of fun, engaging, and unique GIFs that users can make use of to better express their thoughts, feelings, and reactions to a particular post. And while the company may have been experimenting with the ordeal last year for its paid subscribers, it’s finally time that the feature got rolled out for the masses today.

The functionality will obviously require moderators of subreddits to enable this feature so users can make use of it. This way, any new subreddits would automatically allow GIFs to arise in the comments. And in case a moderator wishes to remove it, they can.

Previously, we saw Reddit users put up a link related to a GIF on a host belonging to a third party, instead of actually viewing it. However, now, the new collaboration with Giphy would remove that one extra step needed to click on a particular GIF to view a picture or witness the animation behind it.

Reddit says that the move to include Giphy for all has come after the app saw great success with users having paid powerups subscriptions. Hence, it only made sense to roll out the exclusive feature for all.

Clearly, this new upgrade is going to be loved by many who have been requesting the feature for quite some time now.

Other changes that we’ve seen come forward from Reddit include the likes of indexing various comments in the search bar which is supposed to add user ease in terms of looking for things outside the classic subreddit option.

Additionally, the app has also begun testing digital collectibles as NFT-themed profile images as a part of a new sales scheme.

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