WhatsApp Users Will Soon Be Able To Hide Their Online Status

A new and exciting update for WhatsApp users is on its way and this one is great for those who choose to be a little discreet about their online activity.

The company is reportedly working on giving users the chance to hide their online status. This new change will soon be available for desktop users and Android and iOS devices too.

The news comes after the leading text messaging platform had just launched the ability to edit texts and now hiding online statuses seems to be the next hyped-up feature for a future update across the app.

This means users will now control who gets to see their status online and who doesn’t. In other words, you can hide from anyone and everyone while being online.

The feature is very new and is said to be a part of the app’s new update. As of now, there are no signs of beta testing so we’ll just need to be a little more patient for it to roll out.

But without any doubt, we know that the feature will be loved by plenty because it’s one of the most common requests that the app has been witnessing over the years.

Now, there are a whole bunch of reasons why users actually wish to hide their online statuses and enter the app’s stealth mode. For instance, they probably don’t wish to be disturbed or perhaps they feel like they’re being watched or stalked by someone constantly.

Last year, the company was seen experimenting with the idea by allowing users to disable their online status altogether. But now, they can choose to do that selectively for some particular contacts on their list.

We bet you’re wondering how the new update works and trust us when we say that we were just as excited as you.

Thanks to Wabetainfo, we’ve got all the details for you.

Alright, users can configure who sees their online activity by altering the last seen option in the settings tab. This is where they’ll soon be able to find two new buttons for selection which include Everyone and Same as Last Seen.

In case you select the ‘my contacts’ for your last seen and the option ‘same as last seen’ for your online activity, those who aren’t a part of your contact list won’t see any of your online activity.

We’re not quite sure when the feature will be rolled out but we’ll keep our eyes open for this one!

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