Reports Say That Work-Related IT Issues Cause About 95% Less Productivity and Morale

Reports show that if the employees do not have a good IT setup, it can cause a major disturbance in the workplace. When 2020 rolled around, a major part of different offices and businesses turned towards online working. That for a fact brings about a lot of change in overall work habits and routines. For many enterprises, online working was a huge change to their setup. But everything has to be done according to the present norms and online working is one of them.

But online working also has a lot of problems that cannot be ignored in this hectic life where IT is the backbone of every little thing in our life. DEX (Digital Employee Experience) is the only thing that can make companies take their next step toward success. Planning strategies will not work if the employees working remotely do not have a good IT setup and this can cause employee experience issues and will disrupt employees' digital experiences, which will result in less productivity and will to work enthusiastically.

According to a survey, 80% of employees have recognized the importance of DEX in the new digital forms of working but the survey also mentioned that there is a 90% need for improvement if the companies want to maximize DEX. This information just tells us that companies want and need DEX in remote work, it will just take some time for it to be more common. Companies and Enterprises will need to make a little more effort to develop a good relationship with their employees and clients through DEX based on better working IT means.

1E and Vanson Bourne also conducted a survey of 300 IT decision-makers from USA and UK companies with 5000+ employees, just to understand their experiences and thoughts on DEX. The report showed mixed responses from the employees and employers. 80% of the people who gave this survey said that they are considering including DEX in their enterprise because it is an important requirement of the business world nowadays and 81% agreed with the fact that those who will not make DEX part of their work will fail to come to a great success level. Now it is all a matter of time until you will see many enterprises including DEX as an important part of their work with fewer problems regarding IT.

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