Meta’s VR App Developers Accuse Mark Zuckerberg Of Hypocrisy Over Commissions

App developers who have been working on VR headsets for Meta are blasting CEO Mark Zuckerberg for hypocrisy in regards to commissions.

The developers claim Zuckerberg continues to lash out at Apple for giving developers just 15 to 30% in the name of monopoly rents. However, when it comes down to Meta itself, they tend to follow the same behavior and slash the same amount for VR apps.

To help give you a little background check about the story, the Facebook CEO is known to rant about Apple and its decisions instead of focusing on his own. And when he was recently questioned about what he felt about Apple blocking a number of game apps from its App Store, Zuckerberg failed to hold back.

He deemed the behavior to be Apple's stranglehold, blocking innovation and diversity across its devices while charging a certain amount as monopoly rents.

Meanwhile, a new report by the Financial Times says Mega tends to charge a similar amount in commissions from its developers who aren’t very pleased with the news.

Meta’s Quest Store is super duper popular as it features one of the world’s famous headsets Oculus. They are now taking a striking 30% share from any digital purchases made while charging 15 to 30% for subscriptions, very in line with what Apple takes.

This, as anyone can expect, is making so many developers upset because the company predicts to pave the way for a multibillion-dollar market for consumers. Hence, Meta might want to rethink its commercial terms mentioned for obvious reasons.

Remember, Zuckerberg used to be strongly opinionated about how he was against charging policies that were seen across app stores for mobile devices. And now, the opposite seems to be taking place with the VR app store.

Meta was recently seen arguing how there is a huge difference in its behavior and that of Apple. They claim to have zero intention of side-loading the apps for Occulus, neither is there anything present that manages to achieve that from various developer sites or even the app store.

And yes, that may definitely be true, but developers are now moving ahead with the argument that people are solely restricting themselves to only downloads done via the Occulus app.

To add another food for thought about this topic, so many developers are now also speaking in detail about how Meta’s review procedure for apps lacks transparency and hence, is far worse than that employed by Apple.

Certainly, we feel Zuckerberg really has a lot of thinking to do, if he wishes to better the strained relations with his VR developers.

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