Facebook Allows Users To Assign Community Managers For Comment Moderation During Live Streams

Facebook has recently informed its users about a new feature entailing Community Managers. The company is making it easier for users to moderate their live sessions with the help of this new functionality.

The new update will allow users to tackle common issues seen during live sessions such as bullying, trolling, and harassment. And that provides more time so users can focus on content instead of worrying about petty issues.

In case you didn’t already know, the feature had been available for gaming broadcasters on the app for some time now. However, it was only added to Instagram Live by March of this year and now we’re seeing it launch for Facebook Live users who are conducting broadcasts.

The tech giant says it hopes this new endeavor will assist in providing a great way to manage users’ interactions on the app while they engage in a dynamic and systemic manner. The new community manager can be present in any other region or destination of the world, thanks to the app’s allocation tools.

Previously, we saw users simply allocated their loved ones or close friends to moderate a live stream. But this new way is guaranteed to take your management options to a whole new level of greatness.

The moderators will carry out their duties with the help of their respective profiles which will now feature a badge that states community moderator that’s visible to a range of other viewers. And now, the process is so much simpler, without the need for any direct permissions from the app or admins for access too.

As you can probably tell, we see this being a much more effective and transparent means to help carry out the moderator role, not to mention a better chance at engagement on streams too.

Please note that regular users on the app will be required to update their settings to avail the new feature.

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