Meta Alerts Users About Its Facebook ‘Premieres’ Video Viewing Option Being Depreciated

While many people don’t believe the news is likely to have any major impact, Meta has recently alerted its users about the ‘Premieres’ video viewing option getting depreciated.

The move is said to be done as a means of consolidating a number of different video offerings. As revealed by leading teach enthusiast Matt Navarra, the decision to remove the option will likely take place as early as the end of August this year.

Therefore, if you wish to schedule any video broadcasts soon, you might as well make use of your normal post schedules instead. Another great option would be to host live streams, in case your end goal was to muster hype across a particular event or date. But we hope you realize that was never the intention of premieres in the first place.

The feature first came into existence in the year 2018 where it allowed publishers to showcase any type of content that had been pre-recorded and then shown via Facebook Live. The difference, as you can see is how these videos become tagged without the usual live option and instead get labeled as a premiere.

Users are also allowed to subscribe to it and in this way, they end up getting notifications regarding any upcoming project. And when things go on air, the content gets automatically tagged along with a premiere badge.

The end at the end of it all is to get as many fans and followers to engage with the content in a unique atmosphere but the tag really helps to keep things separate from a live feature.

To put it simply, users can look at it as a live broadcast of content that’s pre-recorded so as to build on maximal engagement. But it now seems the feature is bidding farewell forever.

For now, Meta is not revealing why it’s making the removal but it does hope to make such features a part of its paid events soon.

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