Meta CEO Announces Plans To Double AI-Powered Recommendations On Users’ Feed After Poor Earnings Result

Meta is facing the toughest of times and that compounded with economic uncertainty has forced the company to make some changes. Unfortunately, the news may not exactly be what users were looking for.

Mark Zuckerberg went public with his earnings result which was nothing short of a disappointment. The firm not only recorded a plunge in profits by nearly 36%, but it also outlined a decline in active users seen across its Facebook app.

Let’s not forget the ongoing economic uncertainty that has really taken a toll on Meta, among so many others. Therefore, the Facebook parent firm is keen on moving forward with plenty of changes and that includes doubling the number of AI-powered recommendations seen across its feeds.

Hence, if you happen to get irritated easily by posts that you never signed up for, well, there is more bad news in store.

Zuckerberg promises that the number of AI-powered recommendations will be doubled in number in all user feeds, citing it as a change to help the firm move out of its period of uncertainty and decline.

Other important areas that will be dealt with more religiously include the app’s Reels which in case you weren’t aware, happens to be Meta’s fast pace element for both growth and user engagement.

But again, for its Reels, it needs the help of these AI-powered suggestions.

The Meta CEO was seen explaining through a recent blog post that a new change on social media will be seen where posts that were once driven by users and their respective accounts would now be replaced by AI technology.

Although the CEO mentioned that it would serve as an interesting affair for users on both Facebook and Instagram, people certainly do not love the news because whether you follow someone or not, it would make zero difference.

Obviously, you’ll still get to see content from those you love and have subscribed to but you’ll also get some more content from places you wish you didn’t.

In case you didn’t guess by now, it’s perfectly aligned with TikTok’s approach whose main success is clearly within its ‘For You’ feed.

This comprises a customized listing featuring the most popular content from within the app, best suited to tailor your interests.

What Meta needs to remember is TikTok never had a social graph, to begin with. It was always relying on this particular feed that gives it that intense popularity that so many archrivals are yet to decode, including Meta who can’t get over the allure of TikTok’s success.

For the time being, Zuckerberg says the whole process is a little slow and steady with just 15% of content on the user feed being linked by AI recommendations or those you aren’t following.

These figures would be seen as doubling by 2023’s end, he added. And if you come to think of it, that’s certainly quite a lot of unwanted content taking up space on your account’s home feed.

The same would be applied for both Facebook as well as Instagram, keeping your actual posts spaced out thanks to these recommendations.

Interestingly, the news comes at a time when millions united to protest against Instagram making changes that were in line with TikTok. Many signed a petition asking the app’s boss to revert back to the old format and focus on images more than videos.

Adam Mosseri was seen addressing the concerns while adding how the new change was a test for the better but the app’s primary focus would certainly rely on videos more now because that’s getting the greatest engagement.

We all might not like the new change but remember one thing, stats never lie.

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